SPARK CABINETRY is part of the Spark Group Of Companies mainly focusing on Modular Cabinetry, Custom Design Cabinetry and Quality Craftsmanship.


The SPARK GROUP has undertaken numerous Design (ID), Architecture, Consultancy, Contracts and Development for the past 25 years - Projects ranging from the Airport, Hotel, Hospital, Retail, Corporate, Commercial, Industrial and development projects, and Residential for numerous multinational throughout its existence.

With a decade of experience gained over the past 26 years we began slowly retooling our previous facility by utilizing the latest CNC Machinery from Italy and 3D International Screen to machine (SCM) software planner Cabinet Vision Tm, Precision table saws, Modern carpentry accessories and installation methods at our Kajang, Selangor Headquarters.

Today, we finally launch our Bespoke & One Series Kitchen Modular; Plus & Plus One Series Wardrobe Modular. We believe the top quality of Modular Cabinetry could enhance each of our individual client’s lifestyle.

Our craftsmanship

Our Kajang, Selangor Headquarters, Houses our woodworking factory and Showroom covering an area of 18,000 sq ft centralised our design, planning, procurement and manufacturing process to deliver our top quality of Customize Modular Cabinetry & Signature bespoke works.

Mission and Vision

To be one of the leading Modular Kitchen and Wardrobe firms in the region and provide our clients in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia the finest and highest quality of Customs Made Modular and Built-in Cabinetry that complement every client’s expectations and lifestyle.

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